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How to Celebrate Christmas safely during Covid 19

Posted by Kpumsy on December 24, 2020.

This year, many people may not be having the Christmas vibes due to COVID-19.
But that doesn't mean you strike off Christmas from your calendar.
It's a good idea to celebrate the holiday season in small groups, instead of in large groups.
There will be many people who will be celebrating Christmas alone this year.
There are many fun ways to celebrate Christmas safely during COVID-19. Here are Great Christmas ideas for 2020 to make this festive season magical while maintaining physical distance.
How to celebrate Christmas at home?
Decorate your Christmas tree at home: Instead of shopping for an already decorated Christmas tree, it's a good idea to spend time decorating it on your own. Make DIY Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree. Put Christmas lights around your house to keep the festive spirits high.
Cook a festive meal at home:
Cook your family's favorite meals. Encourage your members to help you with cooking the meals.
Bonfire party:
Keep yourself warm by doing a bonfire party in your family backyard. Sing Christmas carols and dance to celebrate.
How to celebrate Christmas during pandemic?
Drive-through the neighborhood: Take a stroll of your neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights put up. Appreciate your neighbors for keeping the festive vibes alive.
Secret Santa:
Be a Secret Santa for someone either by organising the gift exchange tradition among your family and friends or by participating in online Secret Santa events.
Christmas ideas for kids
Dress up as Santa yourself: Instead of hiring someone to dress up as Santa, don the Santa's red and white yourself and surprise your children by giving them gifts from their wishlists. Nothing gives more satisfaction than the smile on your kids' faces.
Bake a Christmas cake and your kids' fav cookies:
Instead of buying a Christmas cake and your children's favorite cookies, bake them at home this year. A family that bakes together bonds stronger.
Christmas crafting:
Engage your children in making Christmas card, Christmas masks, Christmas ornaments, etc. Reward them with gifts.
Celebrate Christmas virtually
Zoom call with Santa:
Meeting the Santa is a magical experience for children. There are services that are offering Zoom calls with Santa to make Christmas merrier for your children during the hard times.
Virtual Christmas party:
Organise a virtual Christmas party with your loved ones. Send them online invitation cards along with all the details of the party. Start with your favourite games, singing and dancing. All invitees should bring their own cocktails/mocktails and food.
How to celebrate Christmas alone?
Buy yourself a gift: While you're buying gifts for your family and friends, don't forget to buy one for yourself. 2020 has been a difficult year and if you aren't going to take care of yourself, then who will? Gift yourself something special this Christmas.
Christmas playlist: Christmas songs are the best to help set the mood for the holiday season. Compile a playlist of all your favourite Christmas songs.
Movie night: Watching a Christmas movie is one of the best ways to feel the Christmas vibes when you're alone. Have some popcorn ready before you wear your cosy pijamas for the movie night. Sip your drinks while you watch the movie.

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How to celebrate Christmas safely during Covid
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How to celebrate Christmas safely during Covid
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